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  • Sherryl Dorch<br>Vice President of Marketing<br><font color="#dd8a5a"><a href="http://www.raytheoncyber.com" target="_blank">Raytheon Cyber</a></font>

    I strongly recommend Dahlgren Creative for security trade show programs. They delivered record breaking crowds and metrics at RSA and Black Hat with passion, creativity, and a deep understanding of security audience drivers.

    Sherryl Dorch
    Vice President of Marketing
    Raytheon Cyber
  • Carolyn Ford<br>Marketing Director<br><font color="#dd8a5a"><a href="http://www.raytheon.com" target="_blank">Raytheon</a></font>

    Doing a tradeshow without Dahlgren Creative is a waste of money.
    They know the cyber security audience and how to get and hold their attention at a trade show. Leads quadrupled!

    Carolyn Ford
    Marketing Director
  • Michelle Adams-Dixon<br>Director of Corporate Marketing<br><font color="#dd8a5a"><a href="http://www.RSA.com" target="_blank">RSA</a></font>

    Patty and Steve push convention and make things dynamic and edgy. Not to mention they are creative and just fun people to work with. They have always provided incredible, personal service and over deliver on everything!

    Michelle Adams-Dixon
    Director of Corporate Marketing
  • John Gaspard<br>Creative Director<br><font color="#dd8a5a"><a href="http://www.BIworldwide.com" target="_blank">BI WORLDWIDE</a></font>

    As a producer, it’s unnerving to be 1,500 miles away from your shoot. But not with Dahlgren Creative. They make all the right decisions and create imagery that is not only professional and lovely … but PERFECT for our needs!

    John Gaspard
    Creative Director
  • Dotty Harris<br>Global Manager Product Marketing<br><font color="#dd8a5a"><a href="http://www.RaytheonCyber.com" target="_blank">Raytheon Cyber</a></font>

    Thank you and Steve for all your hard work and persistence to ensure Raytheon | Websense had a stellar live theater presentation. We really appreciate it!! The show was a big success and that couldn’t have happened without you, Steve and your team.

    Dotty Harris
    Global Manager Product Marketing
    Raytheon Cyber
  • Steve Bogdanoff<br>President<br><font color="#dd8a5a"><a href= target="_blank">ESIS for Education</a></font>

    What do you get when you combine creative genius, total professionalism, extraordinary quality and visionary insight? You get alchemy – that rare ability to adapt a client’s passion into a clearly shared visual message that captivates and mesmerizes. You get artists who see their work as a labor of love. In short, you get Steve and Patty Dahlgren: artists at the top of their field. You can’t do any better.

    Steve Bogdanoff
    ESIS for Education
  • Eric Baize<br>Senior Director, Product Security Office<br><font color="#dd8a5a"><a href="http://www.emc.com" target="_blank">EMC</a></font>

    I hired Dahlgren Creative to create in a very short timeframe an internal employee educational video based on interviews of company executives. This was one of my best investments. Not only was the work delivered on time, on budget and with high quality, but the Dahlgren Creative team works closely with you to understand what you want to accomplish and delivers a high impact video that perfectly meets your needs. Everybody loved the final product.

    Eric Baize
    Senior Director, Product Security Office
  • Scott Wilson<br>Designer and Principal<br><font color="#dd8a5a"><a href="http://www.scottwilsondesign.com" target="_blank">Scott Wilson Design</a></font>

    The Dahlgren Creative team brings a wealth of experience, virtuosity and creativity to every project. As a designer, I love that they understand and care about good design. They are a joy to work with and the results are consistently superb.

    Scott Wilson
    Designer and Principal
    Scott Wilson Design
  • Paul Joyal<br>Sr. Marketing Manager<br><font color="#dd8a5a"><a href="http://www.rsa.com" target="_blank">RSA</a></font>

    Patty & Steve hit the ground running, caught on fast, and delivered big results. When they tell you to get ready for crowds in your booth they aren’t kidding! We saw an astronomical increase in traffic from the previous year.

    Paul Joyal
    Sr. Marketing Manager
  • Susanne Skinner<br> Corporate Events Manager<br><font color="#dd8a5a"><a href="http://www.sonus.net" target="_blank">Sonus Networks</a></font>

    Your ability to leverage opportunities within the moving parts of the program resulted in some amazing photo shoots and testimonials! Your composition and editing skills combined with a sixth sense of what makes a memorable picture provided us with a wonderful portfolio to share with our customers and partners. It captures the excitement and involvement of all who participated.

    Susanne Skinner
    Corporate Events Manager
    Sonus Networks
  • Christine Briggs<br>Art Director<br><font color="#dd8a5a"><a href="http://www.bagsandbowsonline.com" target="_blank">Deluxe</a></font>

    I’ve worked with Steve for 11 years with superlative results. He is a fun, talented and meticulous photographer who understands our business drivers and keeps us on brand, on budget and on schedule.

    Christine Briggs
    Art Director
  • Joe Hyland<br />Marketing Manager<br /><font color="#dd8a5a"><a href="http://www.stratus.com" target="_blank">Stratus Technologies</a></font>

    Steve & Patty’s thoughtful strategy and creativity pay off every time!

    Joe Hyland
    Marketing Manager
    Stratus Technologies
  • Jim Lynch<br />Vice President<br /><font color="#dd8a5a"><a href="http://www.prizepossessions.com" target="_blank">Prize Possessions</a></font>

    Catalog customers need to see the quality they are paying for. Steve’s photography of our fine crystal and silver showcases our Prize Possessions. The product didn’t change, only the photography and design did, and the tremendous customer response says it all!

    Jim Lynch
    Vice President
    Prize Possessions
  • Chuck Eberl<br>VP of Marketing<br><font color="#dd8a5a"><a href="http://www.silverlink.com" target="_blank">Silverlink Communications</a></font>

    What I was most impressed with was not only your ideas and execution knowledge but your personal commitment to making our project such a success.

    Chuck Eberl
    VP of Marketing
    Silverlink Communications
  • Natalee Thompson<br>Marketing Manager<br><font color="#dd8a5a"><a href="http://www.merge.com" target="_blank">eMed Technology  </a></font>(now Merge Healthcare)

    Patty and Steve go above and beyond; and their creativity and resourcefulness in crafting the perfect custom solution for any situation and budget is phenomenal.

    Natalee Thompson
    Marketing Manager
    eMed Technology (now Merge Healthcare)
  • Gail Freeman<br>Senior Director Corporate Marketing<br><font color="#dd8a5a"><a href="http://www.rsa.com" target="_blank">RSA</a></font>

    A PHENOMENAL job at the RSA Conference. You and Steve were outstanding and I couldn’t be more impressed with the way the whole project came together. It was a stellar success and you delivered above and beyond what you promised – and we had high expectations!

    Gail Freeman
    Senior Director Corporate Marketing
  • Shannon Lorentsson<br>Director of Marketing<br>Colubris Networks (now HP)

    We filled the seats at every show as well as packing the aisles! Everyone in the company is very pleased with our overall presence and the buzz your presentation created.

    Shannon Lorentsson
    Director of Marketing
    Colubris Networks (now HP)
  • Michelene Kolson St. Amand<br>Director, Marketing Communications<br><font color="#dd8a5a"><a href="http://www.mak.com/" target="_blank">VT MAK</a></font>

    Patty was invaluable to our most successful launch. In addition to staging the live event, she worked with each presenter on content, presentation and delivery. Her on-line rehearsals had a big impact on our speaker’s confidence and delivery.

    Michelene Kolson St. Amand
    Director, Marketing Communications
    VT MAK
  • Liz  Cerasulo<br>Director of Communications<br><font color="#dd8a5a"><a href="http://www.fr.com/" target="_blank">Fish & Richardson</a></font>

    They listen hard. They care a lot. They reach. When I team up with Patty and Steve, I know it will be successful. But what I love is that they give me memorable.

    Liz Cerasulo
    Director of Communications
    Fish & Richardson
  • James Burke<br>Founder/Principal<br><font color="#dd8a5a"><a href="http://www.elevationexhibits.com" target="_blank">Elevation Exhibits</a></font>

    Dahlgren Creative is simply the best because of the ownership they take when involved with a project. Commitment, creative and delivery are a given, plus Patty and Steve make it a fun experience!

    James Burke
    Elevation Exhibits
  • Dino Don Lessem<br>Author, Advisor to Jurassic Park and Disney<br /><font color="#dd8a5a"><a href="http://www.dinodon.com" target="_blank">Dino Don, Inc.</a></font>

    Steve, I’ll take you on a dinosaur dig anytime! Thanks for the inspired storytelling.

    Dino Don Lessem
    Author, Advisor to Jurassic Park and Disney
    Dino Don, Inc.
  • Jack Malnati<br>Creative Services Manager<br>EMC Creative Development Group<br><font color="#dd8a5a"><a href="http://www.emc.com" target="_blank">EMC Corporation</a></font>

    Dahlgren Creative brings elegance to everything they touch.

    Jack Malnati
    Creative Services Manager
    EMC Creative Development Group
    EMC Corporation
  • Frankie Smith<br>Channel Marketing Development Manager<br><font color="#dd8a5a"><a href="http://www.cisco.com" target="_blank">Cisco Systems</a></font>

    Working with you is truly a partnership experience. Your creative and professional approach on major sales and marketing events, at Lucent Technologies, Unisphere Networks, and Cisco Systems, delivered results to ensure my success at every level.

    Frankie Smith
    Channel Marketing Development Manager
    Cisco Systems
  • Michael Welts<br>VP Marketing<br>Colubris Networks (now HP)

    It was clearly one of the main attractions of N+I; one of the most professional, impactful, and enjoyable creative productions I’ve had the pleasure of commissioning. Aside from the production itself, your dedication, attitude and results-oriented work ethic made this entire experience a refreshing and rewarding one for everyone.

    Michael Welts
    VP Marketing
    Colubris Networks (now HP)
  • Robert Hoyle<br>President<br><font color="#dd8a5a"><a href="http://http://www.trojungbrannen.com" target="_blank">TRO Jung|Brannen</a></font>

    Your media campaign perfectly represents the values and mission of our firm. The finished product is artistic, polished, and portrays the preeminent level of quality that we, as architects and designers, deliver to our own clients. The 1st Place SMPS Award was a bonus.

    Robert Hoyle
    TRO Jung|Brannen
  • Louise Bishop<br>Americas Marketing Manager<br><font color="#dd8a5a"><a href="http://www.procurve.com" target="_blank">HP</a></font>

    Awesome! The event was a huge hit. Thanks for all the great work, particularly on such a tight timeframe.

    Louise Bishop
    Americas Marketing Manager
  • Julianne Zimmerman<br>Managing Director<br><font color="#dd8a5a"><a href="http://www.http://www.vodiaventures.com.com" target="_blank">Vodia Ventures</a></font>

    I really appreciate the enthusiasm and creative energy you and Steve both radiate. It’s always a pleasure to work with people who are committed to performing at a superlative level.

    Julianne Zimmerman
    Managing Director
    Vodia Ventures
  • Richard Porter<br>Director, Corporate Marketing<br><font color="#dd8a5a"><a href="http://www.mentor.com/" target="_blank">Innoveda, Inc. (now Mentor Graphics)</a></font>

    They make you look good!

    Richard Porter
    Director, Corporate Marketing
    Innoveda, Inc. (now Mentor Graphics)
  • Dave Hayward<br>Director of Marketing<br><font color="#dd8a5a"><a href="http://www.sonusnetworks.com" target="_blank">Sonus Networks</a></font>

    Dahlgren knows trade show promotion and lead generation – soup to nuts. They make a great partner, and look out for their clients 360-degrees.

    Dave Hayward
    Director of Marketing
    Sonus Networks
  • Bob Petrucci<br>Director of Development<br><font color="#dd8a5a"><a href="http://bose.com" target="_blank">Bose Corporation</a></font>

    For our Bose Music Show we needed visuals with very high production values, and Dahlgren Creative helped deliver the look of a major motion picture. They met our creative requirements, provided superb service, and embraced our standards of excellence. I feel that I can count on Dahlgren Creative to do whatever it takes to make a program successful.

    Bob Petrucci
    Director of Development
    Bose Corporation
  • Jon Olson<br>VP of Corporate Communications<br><font color="#dd8a5a"><a href="http://www.stratus.com" target="_blank">Stratus Technologies</a></font>

    Dahlgren’s team are highly creative individuals who deliver more than they promise, have a keen respect for budget and are sticklers for detail. They are one of the few firms that you can hand a project to, and never worry about it.

    Jon Olson
    VP of Corporate Communications
    Stratus Technologies
  • Anthony Grise<br>VP Sales<br><font color="#dd8a5a"><a href="http://www.merge.com" target="_blank">Merge Healthcare</a></font>

    With the same budget and theme we gave Live Marketing the prior year, Dahlgren doubled our lead count with an engaging program of media & talent.

    Anthony Grise
    VP Sales
    Merge Healthcare
  • Mary Petenato<br>Sales Manager<br>Intron

    Your attention to detail was stellar, and your presentation was a showstopper! Thanks to your show, we had at least 400 more people at our booth than last year.

    Mary Petenato
    Sales Manager
  • Mike Welts<br>President and CEO<br><font color="#dd8a5a"><a href="http://www.nextchoice.com" target="_blank">Nextchoice</a></font>

    Dahlgren Creative was pivotal in helping NextChoice to land Dunkin’ Donuts self-service business. Their ability to turn out top-notch creative under extraordinary holiday deadlines helped us to deliver Dunkin’s innovation advantage!

    Mike Welts
    President and CEO
  • Stan Nowak<br>CEO<br><font color="#dd8a5a"><a href="http://www.silverlink.com" target="_blank">Silverlink Communications</a></font>

    I was really blown away by the quality of the work you did on the rebranding and launch video. Very strong, very cool, and very effective. Well beyond my expectations.

    Stan Nowak
    Silverlink Communications
  • Bob Feldman<br>President<br><font color="#dd8a5a"><a href="http://www.Virtualvp.com" target="_blank">The Virtual VP</a></font>

    Steve Dahlgren delivers the very finest executive head shots and portraits. They are not only technically impeccable, but bring out the warmth, humanity, credibility and special personality of subjects in a way that really impresses. Trust Steve to get the most out of a shoot. Your clients will bless you.

    Bob Feldman
    The Virtual VP

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